MLS LaserIt is our pleasure to work with so many wonderful patients. We appreciate the trust you put in our dental practice. Your great smile, your attitude and your friendship are our personal reward. Ask to see our "Testimonies From The Heart" book.

MLS Laser Therapy
I recently developed Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) causing a misalignment of my jaw joint and inflammation of the surrounding facial muscles used in chewing. This is a very painful disorder and one that is not easily treated. The source of my TMJ condition began in my upper neck - the first cervical vertebrae which shifted my jaw joint out of alignment.
I began treatment with massage and chiropractic work which helped to realign the joint and relax the muscles partially, yet I still had recurring pain in the jaw, especially when I chewed.
On my last visit to see Dr. George Moore for a routine dental cleaning, I mentioned to him about my jaw pain. He recommended I try a new laser technique called MLS Laser Therapy, which was recently added to Dr. Moore's start of the art equipment. After one treatment, I began to feel my joint area relax even with the full opening of the jaw. At first, there was still a slight clicking, and approximately a 90% reduction in pain with easy movement of the jaw. The next day after the treatment, I had no pain or any clicking. I have had two more follow-up treatments, all of which have reduced the disorder even more.
I highly recommend the MLS Laser Therapy for TMJ disorder as it helped reduce my pain, inflammation and the muscle spasms around my jaw joint, accelerating the healing process.
Dianne Hodges
Neuromuscular Massage
Therapy for Stress and Pain Relief
Sedona, AZ


I never thought my smile could look this good. The Staff at Moore Sedona Smiles took time in a calm, pleasant manner to explain in detail the steps that would be taken and I never felt that they were hurried.

The combination of integrity and excellent work performance is what prompted me to write this. I would like to tell everyone how happy I am with your service.


Thanks so much for the special treatment. The crown fits perfect! I feel fortunate to have you as a friend and dentist.
Best Regards,
Dr. Robert Koepke

Dear George,
A Kudos for you...
Since I moved to Prescott I was forced to get a new dentist. After examining my teeth his comment was "this is beautiful work on your teeth, where were they done?" Upon mentioning Sedona, and your name, he said.. "I know George... Very nice work..."
I thought you might like to know!! This is my expression of thanks and appreciation for all the years of excellent dental care.
Best wishes,
Dr. F Nagy MD
Dr. F. Nagy MD

Thank you Dr. Moore,

What a difference my new smile has made. I am so happy that I finally made the decision to come to your office.

I was scared in the beginning, but your exceptional dental team soon made me feel very relaxed. I will always recommend Dr. Moore with great confidence.


Thank you, Dr. Moore, for fixing my smile to be better than it was before my mountain bike accident. There aren’t many dentists who would come in on a Sunday to make sure that I was out of pain and would be able to go home with temporary teeth that very same day. I love my new smile. Thanks.

To anyone who is thinking about making your smile become more beautiful, you have found the team.

I am a retired Dental Hygienist who flew from Hawaii to have my smile restored by the best team I could imagine.

Thank you for all you have done.


Thank you, Dr. Moore, and your dental team. It was well worth my trip to Sedona to have my teeth fixed. Thank you for my smile.

Newport Beach, CA

I want to be a dentist like my uncle George....Dentistry is something that I am very interested in. One of the reasons I want to become a Dentist is because my uncle George is one and watching him makes it look fun. I know that becoming a dentist takes a lot of hard work and you have to go through a lot of schooling to get there. Even if it takes a lot of time I am willing to do it. Another reason why this job grasps my attention is because I would love to help people get nicer and cleaner teeth. I like pleasing people and hopefully by making there teeth better it will raise there self confidence.
Miss McKenzie Moore

Dear Dr. Moore,

Thank you for doing a beautiful job and for making my teeth more important than your pocket book! I will recommend you and your staff to EVERYONE I know!

Dawna Westbery
Sedona, Az

Dear Dr. Moore and Staff,
Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. No one does it better. You are the BEST. You expertise and all your TLC is greatly appreciated by Dave and I.
Blessings to you all,

"Dr. Moore's office is the best place to make a new smile"
Dear Dr. Moore and the whole staff, I just wanted to thank you for all your help getting my mouth and smile perfected. . . I can't wait till we are done. Thanks also for accomidating me when I have emergencies... You and your staff make pain managable.
Thanks again..

Thank you BIG TIME..Only one other time have I ever been so elated as I have been over my new implants & Crowns and that was the first time I drove through Sedona 35 years ago!!
My love to you all and aganin THANKS BIG BIG BIG TIME!!
Mary Lame, Sedona