Nightguard /Anterior Discluder / NTI
Nightguard /Anterior Discluder / NTI



Anterior Discluding Appliance / Deprogrammer

Modified NTI (A Small Dental Appliance to wear at night)

Breakthrough Treatment for Bruxism, Migraines and TMJ Disfunction.

This Guard...

* Minimizes tooth wear which is a sign of occlusal disease

* Protects teeth , veneers and crowns from breaks and fractures

* Reduces joint strain and disc load-protecting the TMJ and minimizing clicking and popping in the joint

* Decreases muscle tension in your face, temples, forehead and neck

* Stops the over stimulation of the Trigeminal Nerve

* Is FDA approved for migraine treatment

* Is lab processed from a safe, hard, clear thermoplastic material.  It is non-porous so it won't stain or absorb odors. It's non-allergenic.



Bruxism, an unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth, can cause migraines, damage teeth and contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disfunction, pain, and clicking. The primany causes of bruxism are stress and tension. Dentists have found that the Modified NTI can relieve all of the above mentioned symptoms.


Research indicates that 40 million Americans suffer from migraines or tension headaches. The FDA reported that 82% of patients professionally diagnosed with migraines experienced a 77% average reduction in attacks in the first eight weeks while using the Modified NTI appliance.

TMJ Dysfunction

Sometimes referred to as TMD, TMJ dysfunction is caused by over stimulation of the trigeminal nerve caused by excessive teeth occlusion at night (parafunction). By reducing the intensity of the occlusion, the modified NTI can relieve TMJ pain.


What is NTI?

NTI stands for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition. Nociceptors are nerves that sense and respond when the body is harmed. They tell the brain of impending damage, injury or irritation. Trigeminal refers to the nerve which has three sensory divisions within the face and neck. The lower case tss stands for tension suppression system.

Once identified, we can often treat bruxism, migraines, or TMJ dysfunction with a revolutionary little acrylic mouthpiece, the Modified NTI device. The extimate for people fitted with the NTI has exceeded 2.25 million throughout the world and they all thank Dr. Jim Boyd for his invention. Dr. Boyd and his wife, migraine sufferers, were the first two patients to wear the device. Since it relived their migraine pain, it's helped millions and it can help you as well.


How Does NTI Work?

Bruxism, many migraines and TMJ dysfunction result from a jaw muscle/nerve malfunction. The NTI interrupts the involuntary tug of war between the jaw's side and temporal muscles, reducing clenching intensity by one-third, thus reducing the barrage of negative impulses transmitted by nerves. Furthermore, the device causes muscles to relax in a stable position so that you and those hyperactive malfunctioning muscles can rest. Often this eliminates bruxism-related migraines and various kinds of TMJ pain. Some patients experience relief after one night, while others find comfort after a few weeks of wearing the small NTI appliance.


The Facts About Modified NTI

* Custom made in a dental lab to fit each patient's unique bite, the Modified NTI appliance fits securely to stay in place all night.

* Superior alternative to full arch bite guards.

* Is a small clear appliance that does the job of a full arch bite guard (and more) but covers only the front (upper or lower) 10 teeth.

* Is made from a clear thermoplastic material that won't absorb stains or odors.

* Proven to last three times longer than conventional acrylic guards.

* FDA approved for the Prevention of Medically Diagnosed Migraine Pain and Jaw Disorders through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity.

* Small size won't trigger a gag reflex.


Please schedule an appointment to see if an NTI appliance would be helpful for you!