At Moore Sedona Smiles we deliver the finest dentistry you will find anywhere in the world, partially due to the cutting edge technology we have invested in. Listed below are some of the latest additions to our practice.


MLS Laser - The newest cold laser available

Reduces Pain & Swelling and promotes healing

mls laserThis MLS Laser bio-stimulates the tissues, it reduces inflammation, encourages the reduction of swelling by increasing the circulation, and most important, there is a decrease in pain. This can be used in association with any in office dental procedure or can by used alone to manage facial pain and discomfort of any kind.


 Picasso Duo - Cone Beam Scanner (CBCT)

 This Cone Beam Scanner takes a 3-Dimensional x-ray of localized areas in the mouth, allowing the Dr. to digitally manipulate the scan and "slice" the dental arch into millimeter sections allowing the most accurate diagnostic advantage available in dentistry today.

We are proud to offer this service right here in the comfort of our office, eliminating the need for our patients to use an outside radiology lab. Implants, Persistent Discomfort, Occlusion Problems, TMJ Issues… this new technology has taken the guess work out of dental diagnostics. 


Digital Panoramic X-Ray & CBCT

X-rays continue to be vital in the diagnostic process. The technology of the panoramic machine allows us to take a full arch x-ray that captures all teeth, jaw bones, sinuses as well as the TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint). The Ultra Low Dose x-ray allows the Dr. to decide exactly what additional radiographs are needed for your individual needs eliminating un-necessary x-rays and radiation exposure.



 Intra-oral Digital Photography T Scan

We use Intra-oral Digital Photography on each of our patients beginning at the New Patient Exam for documentation and treatment plan presentation. Having the photographic images on the computer allows us more specific communication with the patient, dental specialists and our dental labs.

T Scan

This breakthrough technology from Bio Research allows for accurate diagnosis of occlusion problems that have been contributing to head, neck, jaw and tooth pain for years. No longer undetected we are able to perform the much needed adjustments and treatment to eliminate occlusion discomfort.

Joint Vibration Analysis

Computer tracking and analysis of the TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) affords early detection of crepitus in the Jaw allowing for corrective and preventative treatments.

Patient Comfort and Communication

Relax and enjoy TV or music as your treatment is being completed.


Zap Diode Laser

Soft tissue recontouring for aesthetics and general tissue health and healing 


  Kavo Electric Handpieces

These new electric handpieces produce less vibration and noise than traditional handpieces, creating a more relaxing experience for the patient.

In Office Lab

Our in office lab provides same day partial and denture repair.

 Ivoclar Ceramic Oven

Having an on-site ceramic oven allows for custom modifications to final restorations including shade changes and final contour adjustments.



I-Tero Digital Impression Technique

This new impression system allows us to digitally scan Veneer and Crown preps and instantly send digital   impressions directly to the lab. For the patient the benefits are endless....    Less time in the chair, same quality our patients have come to expect, no messy impressions and faster turn around time on the final product

Periodontal Treatment

Florida Probe

Used in our Hygiene department this system provides a computer documented reading of all perio depths to consistently maintain your periodontal health.

Soft Tissue Laser

Used by both Dr. and Hygienist, this soft tissue laser is used to reduce and treat bacteria in perio pockets and allow healing to areas effected by periodontal disease.

Sedation Dentistry 

Welch Allan Pulse Oximeter

Allows us to monitor heart beat and oxygen levels during long procedures when you are under oral sedation (lightly medicated for added comfort or for the treatment of anxiety during dental work)